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Safer Sex: How To Diminish Risks For Men Having Sex With Men (MSM)?

Safer sex

It is commonly acknowledged that men who have sex with men (MSM) are in a particularly high risk of transmitting sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and this for good reasons that we are going to develop in this article, along with other information relating to safe sexual practices. Indeed, safe sex does not just mean using a […]

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Europe’s 7 Best Places For Gay Holidays: Where To Stay And What To Do

Gay holidays in London

We’ve already spoken of the world’s best gay-friendly destinations, now let’s focus more precisely on the European continent, where homosexuality is now almost part of everyone’s everyday life, personnally or though friends & family. Buckle your belt and let’s go for a European gay trip.

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World’s Top 10 Gay-Friendly Travel Destinations

A gay-friendly travel destination

If you have already been traveling abroad with your boyfriend, you might have realized that all destinations are not equally open-minded regarding same-sex couples. For this reason, we have complied a world’s top 10 of the most gay-friendly travel destinations to inspire your next holidays.

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Top 10 Best Summer Gay Pride Parades In The US In 2018

Denver Gay Pride

Summer is coming upon us, along with its 2018 Gay Pride Season! With the recent big strides made by many states towards equality for same-sex couples, especially regarding gay marriage being legalized a bit everywhere, we’re all very excited about going to one (or more!) of the best gay parades in the US to be […]

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