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Mental Health Issues: “I Just Need Someone To Speak To”

Mental health issue

People often get confused between mental illnesses and mental health. They tend to think they are perfectly well because they don’t have any mental illnesses, but often forget that even if they don’t, they may still need mental health support in order to improve their well-being, especially when we are gay.

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Same-Sex Parents: Adption And Fostering For Gay Couples

Gay parenting

As the world evolves, the minds open and laws change, we see more and more same-sex couple with kids or planning to become parents through variety of pathways. Of course, it might seem easier for lesbian couples, but gay men also have different parenting options that we are going to tell you about in this article.

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Coming Out To Yourself, Your Family & Friends: A Self-Acceptance Experience

Coming Out

The most stressful moment in a gay person’s life is probably its coming out. To himself first, then to other people around him. But once it’s done, it is also most likely the most enjoyable moment in its life until he gets married (if he does). Here is a little questions-answers to those who struggle […]

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Top 10 Best Gay Dance Parties In The Us

Disney World Gay Days

There was a time, around the 70s, when gay gathering were quite extravagant and mostly for gay people, with back rooms for sex in clubs, and a low diversity. Later in the 80s, parties really toned down because of the AIDS epidemic. Then arrived the circuit parties, which opened up to a more diversified population and […]

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